The Blockchain Marketing Agency
Mag-net seeks Magnificent Networks.
Just as N and S plays can't exist alone,
we coexist and grow with our peers,
not just alone, but with our clients,
with our vendors.
2020 Magnet
Blockchain Service
Navigate the blockchain space with its leading strategic experts. Document creation. Growth marketing. Community management. Wherever you're headed, we'll take you there.
In order to secure the trust of the project, we need the cooperation of a renowned advisory group. Mag-net provides better technical, service, strategy, marketing, tax and other legal data reviews.
  • Planning and establishing marketing strategies
  • Consulation on the Korean/Chinese Market
  • Interlink external resources
  • Crisis management
  • Making and modifying white papers
  • Legal review / Roadmap Analysis
Mag-net partners with leading and efficient korean/chinese blockchain - media companies. Based on the korea/china marketing experience, Mag-net conducts marketing with focus on the project's features, positioning.
  • Specialized marketing in Korea and China
  • Establish and expand the SNS community.
  • Bial marketing
  • Press PR
  • Brand Customization
Token IEO&Listing
Your Tokens will listed on major global exchanges in line with project - specific funding situations, awareness, and marketing strategies to help many users do business.
  • Support for listing on the main bourse
  • Establish a project marketing strategy and connect
  • to the exchange
  • Offers Smart Contract Audit, Mainnet Audit
Fund liquidity management
We will provide basic direction and step-by-step actions from the beginning of the project. Support initial token issuance structure design and distribution plans, establish strategies for liquidity delivery to help support transactions, help keep token healthy and long-lasting.
  • Benchmarking Star Projects
  • Establish a VP strategy
  • Liquidity supply
Mag-net Plan blockchaing events to recruit people. Communicate the value of your project to the industry and to the public, share your vision. We plan and host new exciting events beyond the usual framework of boring conferences.
  • Planning and supervising the meeting
  • Planning and presiding over the conference
  • Planning and supervising the Seminar
  • Gathering personnel
Team Build
Not many people have expertise in the areas of blockchain business and crypto-currency. For your successful project, we invite specialists in various fields with knowledge of blockchain.
  • Support blockchain advisor team
  • Community building & management
  • Blockchain influencer team
Only understanding the language of the target country may make it difficult for the core contents of your project to be delivered successfully. Mag-net is joined by professional translators with general knowledge of blockchain.
  • Translation of White Paper
  • Homepage Translation
  • Performance interpretation of the meeting
  • and the conference
Technical Consulting
Blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform the entire economy. and we have great interest about this technology. With magnet company's expertise, you can also experience novel blockchain technology and crypto revolution.
  • Token Platform
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Exchange Platform
  • Dapp Development
  • Mainnet Matching

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